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Infants: Bugs Room and Rainbow Room

Babies' first years are critical to success in school, relationships and life.  MMLH teachers and administrators care for babies with genuine love and affection, and give constant attention to developmental needs.

Infants are cared for in a warm, loving, infant-only environment (similar to the one they have at home), where they can build trust in themselves and those who care for them. 

Our infants' curriculum consists of developmentally appropriate activities designed to help your infant reach key milestones. We recognize that babies develop at vastly different paces, which is why teachers periodically review your child's progress using the Developmental Milestone overview. The Infant Classroom is divided into two rooms: the Bugs Room (infants) and the Rainbow Room (mobile infants).

Daily Schedule

Infants' schedules are flexible and based on the individual needs of each child. The program includes:

Daily records that list the time and nature of your infant's activities — sleeping, eating, diapering/bowel movements and developmental milestones;

Numerous activities, including reading and singing to your child, as well as frequent art projects featuring tiny fingers and toes help mark the growth in your child and make wonderful keepsakes.  

Teachers follow parent-directed plans for feedings and other activities;

Weekly lesson plans designed to meet the individual developmental needs of your infant.