“Quiero ser científico.”


The Blue Room


The blue Room is for children ages 4 to 5 YeaRS

The Blue Room is Prep School for elementary school. At this age, students are learning much more than their curriculum of science, history, art and culture. Through active and structured play, they are learning the skills needed to be independent in the world, understanding necessities like money, food, family, and community. In the Blue Room, children will learn how to work cooperatively with their friends and use words to express their emotions. Hands on activities fortify their appreciation for the rules and the children generally feel good about obeying them.

Developmental speaking, they can —

  • Speak clearly

  • Retell complex stories

  • Use an expanded international vocabulary

  • Easily assemble developmentally appropriate puzzles (24+ pieces)

  • Count to 100

  • Recite and write the alphabet, and

  • Write their names.

Their teachers have instilled a love for weekly themes which grow further their understanding of the world, and by the time they graduate from preschool—and yes, Mighty Minds has a special ceremony for these graduates and their families—these students are equipped with the social skills and academic foundations they need to succeed in kindergarten.



example week

A weekly lesson plan for children in the Blue Room might include the study of a shape (“forma”) and color (“los colores”), both in English and in Spanish. This simple study will be applied to a more complicated concept like, for example, the solar system. On Monday, students might learn about why the sun is important, sing a song about the eight planets, and review a range of letters (S-T) and numbers (51-60). Tuesday includes printing the same letters and numbers, studying the moon and learning the difference between day and night. Later in the week, students may review a broader range of letters from earlier lessons (A-T inclusively) and study stars, constellations and the planet Earth. On Fridays, children bring an item from home for show-and-tell.