our new babies, too


The Rainbow Room


The rainbow Room is tailored to infants ages 12 to 18 months

The Rainbow Room is for our waddlers, from around one year of age until around the time they begin to walk comfortably. If your child can already walk, please visit our Circus Room page here→

At Mighty Minds, infants who can waddle are cared for in the Rainbow Room. This room is an infant-only room and welcoming place for your child to get to know the new world that they are now a part of and to trust those who are caring for them. Our teachers nurture curiosity and respond to each child’s individual needs.

In addition, our teachers understand how difficult it can be for Baby to be away from parents during these early months and how difficult too it can be for parents to make the hand off, which is why Mighty Minds offers flexibility. We are committed to working with each child and each parent to help ease the stresses of this transition in order to produce the most beneficial outcomes for our children. We invite you to challenge us how we can better accommodate you. [Contact Us]

The infant curriculum at Mighty Minds consists of developmentally appropriate activities designed to help your infant reach key milestones, and our teachers perform periodic reviews of your child's progress using the Developmental Milestone overview [Link].

We know the psychological importance of Baby’s first years—they are critical to success in all aspects of their life. This cognizance is reinforced daily, with each smile, soft word, and loving touch.


They’re babies but still have lesson plans

They might just be babies, but they still need more than just sleep, milk/formula, and diaper changes. The need activities to help them to grow and develop. Through these activities, our Babies will develop listening skills, fine motor skills, eye-hand-foot coordination, and cause and effect discovery through various books, songs,tactile sensory, and play. Here are some of the activities our infants will do each week—

Emotional, social, and body awareness development

  • Circle time (ABC/123/Story Time/Singing)

  • Who is that? (Mirror Reflection; Baby’s name recognition)

  • Fingers and Toes Rhyming Game

  • Tickle me Textures (Tactile Stimulation)

  • Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Toes (Tactile body parts)

  • Baby Rolls (Tactile Body)

  • Dance with Me, Dance with My Baby (Soothing and bonding experience)

  • Uh-Oh! (Cause and effect/grasp and release)

  • Switching toys and games (Bilateral coordination; Grasp and release)

Body strength and gross motor skills

  • Let’s play ball

  • I’m gonna get you

  • Tick Tock (Body balance)

  • Roll me over / The rolling surprise

  • Knockdown! (Stackable Towers)

  • Push me / Pull me

  • Just out of reach

  • Rock the Baby (with song: rock on rolled towel or ball)

  • Baby Cycle

Language (story stretchers) & Rhythm and Sensory Exploration

  • Bingo; Clapping, dog sounds and shakers

  • Touch and feel: clothes/kitten/puppy; Sensory Textures

  • Farm Animals – “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”; Animals sounds: Sensory “Jello in a Ball” texture

  • Itsy Bitsy Spider; sensory rain water fun; crawling anticipation

  • Brown Bear, What do you see? Animal puppets

  • Piggies – Rhyming “This little piggy… (Touch toes or fingers); Sensory footprints

  • You are my perfect baby: sing “Hush Little Baby” Lullaby; Sensory foot lotion massage