Mighty Minds believes that Communication and Safety are paramount and work together for the benefits of the children, their parents, and the leadership and staff of Mighty Minds.



General Safety Information

While our approach is always positioned towards preventative safety measures, Mighty Minds has made exceptional efforts to train and certify its teachers regarding child and infant safety, including pediatric first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation training (CPR), and Medication Administration Training (MAT)


Emergency Response at Mighty Minds

Mighty Minds has an updated Emergency Response policy with safety protocols and procedures. These protocols and procedures are reviewed by all Mighty Minds personnel and detail what to do in case of certain emergencies of varying scenarios, including—

  • Power Outage

  • Fire

  • Natural Disasters

  • Acts of terrorism

  • Unwanted Intruders

Drills are routinely conducted so that the procedures are ingrained in our staff.

In addition, for procedures dealing with the above scenarios, Mighty Minds also has a written procedure for reuniting children with their parents in all of the above scenarios. Please inquire with our leadership if you would like to see our emergency response document.


Safety & Communication

Mighty Minds works hard to stay ahead of the curve, especially in the ways we keep our parents informed.


Secure Entry Points with Sign in Digital Technology

There are only two entry points to the Mighty Minds facility and each of these are controlled by a bolted door with a key code entry. In addition, these entry points have digital cameras, so these entry points are monitored and recorded. Once inside of the building, the sign in, or sign out, of your child or children is performed using a key chain bar code or an app on your smart phone. Then, automated sign in notifications are emailed and/or text-messaged to the parents, which is great for those who utilize a nanny or grandparent for dropping off or picking up the child.

Daily Notifications

In addition to notification sent for sign in and sign out, other important information is now notated and delivered digitally to your smart phone or email, including—

  • bathroom use and/or diaper changes (with details)

  • nap time performance

  • meal reports

  • mood reports


communication through Parent conferences

Parent conferences are conducted up to three times per year. We are available to answer any questions and report on your child’s or children’s development and growth.


Might Minds Flexibility and Accommodation

Our flexibility and accommodation is something we have become known for and something we are truly proud of. We cater to your schedules and to your specific needs and request, 99% of the time. And that other 1%, well, it’s likely that specific request interfered with the well being of your child, so, we had to say “no.”