A Mission for Self Discovery

Our mission in early childhood education is to create programs and approaches within each classroom environment that provide a foundation for our children to develop their self-esteem and confidence. We know that confidence is central to other healthy personality traits such as independence, responsibility, kindness, and cooperation. We work with our children, assisting them in their development of strong communication skills and respect for other children and adults, and this work culminates in a child discovering a most important treasure: an enjoyment of him or herself.

But our mission extends beyond our classrooms. Our secondary goal is to create peace of mind for parents while their children are away from them. We achieve this goal through our safety policies and approaches, transparency, flexibility, and open communication between our school administrators, classroom leadership, and our parents. Our transparency and communication is also enhanced by technology advancements in student check in/out and electronic notification systems. Read more about Safety at Mighty Minds→

Lastly, we have a third goal, which is to provide our students with an early exposure to world languages and global culture. Studies have identified the positive long-term benfits of introducing language learning at preschool ages and that is why Mighty Minds has equipped each classroom with a French or Spanish speaking teacher. Read more about language learning at Mighty Minds→

At Mighty Minds Little Hands International Preschool, your children will get the benefits of Spanish and French language parallel immersion from qualified professionals. All of our lead teachers and directors are MAT certified and are able to administer medication according to the guidelines provided by the Virginia Department of Social Services.